Honest people, honest wines. This is us, together. Down to earth.

The iconic wines of the Zala wine region

Traditional grape varieties typical of the wine region are the basis of our winemaking. They offer good acidity that is suited to mature, producing large white wines.

Distinctive grape varieties

Our desire to experiment can be traced when planting peculiar grape varieties or reaching out to modern winemaking technologies.

In harmony with nature

In every phase of our grape and wine production, we maintain harmony with nature. We go to great lengths to protect her treasures.

Our wines

Managing the transformation from vine to bottled wine:
this is our passion!
Wines from the Top
A unique link between the Zala wine and its large and heavy wooden barrel. These wines were selected according to the slopes of their vineyard.
Zala Solution
The philosophy of wine. The final product is more than the sum of its components. At the same time, it's both deep and bright. Stylish.
Easy Summer
It is not easy because it is light and empty, but because it is easy to fall in love with - and not just in the summer.
Wine tasting in the Attic Cellar
You have the company but you don’t know what to have and where to have it?
Is there anything you always wanted to know about grapes, plantations and wines, but never dared to ask? We have good news! The excellent wines of Zala are provided, and the one telling all the stories is the winemaker himself. He can tell you all the tales and details, and you can ask him anything. You are welcome to our Attic Cellar, which can seat up to 60 guests. Here you'll find a place of broad cheerfulness and loud laughter. Let's pay tribute to wine, let the tasting be your personal Bacchus celebration! PS: Even if you have no questions and are just looking for a drink, feel free to drop by.